Nelson Mandela Bay Transition Network (also on facebook

“Rather than waiting for government and big business, communities around the world are stepping up to design and implement creative responses to the issues of Peak Oil and Climate Change, the two greatest challenges of our time. Its called the Transition Town movement and, while originating in Ireland, it has spread virally throughout the world. Transition recognizes these two issues as inseparable and looks to deal with them simultaneously through the localization of our resources and services, a process which can potentially strengthen local economies as well.

Transition recognizes that:

– Climate Change and Peak Oil are not separate issues and must be dealt with simultaneously.

– Government and big business are in no rush to address these issues, but individual action, while still powerful, is not enough to inspire the kind of change necessary to create a low-carbon, locally resilient future. However, working together, as a community, we may just be able to pull it off.

Inspired by this movement, the Nelson Mandela Bay Transition Network formed in 2010 and has looking at ways in which the metro can reduce its carbon emissions as well as its dependence on fossil fuels. After a year focused on raising awareness, the task now is to provide people with practical tools toward building local resilience, with particular focus this year (2011) on food security, water conservation and recycling.”


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