Mission & Objectives


To significantly improve the quality of life of disadvantaged urban and rural communities, and increase their resilience to the shocks of climate disruption, peak oil, and limits to (neo-classical economic) growth, through the identification, design and implementation of projects following PD principles and guided by PD ethics.


  1. Awareness-raising about the need to define/implement a Low Carbon Development paradigm in order to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel dependence
  2. The creation of a platform for networking and development of ideas and solutions, through the Renewable Energy Centre Website
  3. Lobbying government and various institutions
  4. Mobilizing community members towards change in light of the above vision and providing practical opportunities for community involvement.
  5. Forming a steering committee responsible for the networking of specialized groups and projects relevant to the different aspects of Transition including food, water, energy, environment, social, industry, waste management, transport etc.

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